Face Up Beauty

An upcoming addition to the highly sought-after Remuera Village, Face Up is a new beauty salon that offers all-natural face lifts using methods of facial sculpting, massage, and adjustment regimens for clients looking to improve their youthful appearance naturally.

Their holistic approach to beauty is characterised in its carefully considered interior design by an understated and authentic use of materials, lighting and colour. The polished concrete floor is bordered by pebble mosaic tiles, giving a subtle nod to classic spa design. Soft lighting highlights the warmth of the plaster render on the walls, creating a soothing ambiance that complements their massage treatments.

Emphasising their organic methods, Face Up incorporates natural timber elements and handmade zellige tiles into the salon’s design to add a touch of earthy beauty. These elements contribute to the overall aesthetic and reinforce the salon’s commitment to natural beauty.

The combination of these selected materials, gentle lighting, and organic accents creates an environment that aligns with Face Up’s principles. The interior design sets the stage for a tranquil and uplifting experience, where clients can relax and indulge in the salon’s transformative beauty treatments.

Interior Design: Ritual Interiors
Year: 2023