John Hill Estate

Located amidst the picturesque hills of the Hunua Ranges, John Hill Estate is a family-owned and operated vineyard that is undergoing interior renovations to breathe new life into their multi-generational business. Their aim is to transform the vineyard into a sought-after destination while still maintaining its appeal to local regulars and increasing event bookings.

Drawing inspiration from the lush native greenery planted by the vineyard founder, the design direction blends the interior with its natural surroundings to create a fresh identity for the spring and summer seasons, while still maintaining a cosy atmosphere for the winter months.

The key transformation is the new bar and restaurant spatial design, which sees fragmented service counters demolished to create one seamless and social bar counter within a light-filled space. The curved, fluted bar is painted in a sage green to tie in with the building’s exterior, and overhead shelving is introduced to create intimacy within the high ceilings, with the added function of glassware storage for wine tastings.

All interior surfaces are being refinished, and new furniture is introduced to create a comfortable and appealing dining experience for guests.

As John Hill Estate undergoes these interior renovations, it is poised to create a haven where guests can unwind, savour exceptional wine, and appreciate the property that the family has caringly nurtured.

Interior Design: Ritual Interiors
Year: 2023